Baked Goods
Baked Goods
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At the tender age of thirty-three, this February the Purchase Alternative Clinic was forced to close her doors to the medical services she had provided female-bodied students at Purchase for decades. Known fondly as the Alt Clinic, she was born from a senior project in the 70s, and has been one…


Friday! Co-op Malt Shop!
Free milkshakes, malts, hamburgers, veggie burgers, and more.

Come dressed in your favorite 1950’s outfits!
Performances by The Hiya Dunes and Baked Goods. 
YAY! First show of 2012 tonight!

Hey yall!

Baked Good’s has a show tonight. If you’re near SUNY Purchase come check us out at the co-op!

The show starts at 7 and we’re headlining after 2 other amazing acts!

We’ll be play the Robyn cover tonight so please dress appropriate and ready to dance (music video example to follow).


The Alternative Clinic has been an enormous part of promoting wellness as well as a multitude of services to the female-bodied students of Purchase College. The Alternative Clinic provides an array of services to students such as: pertinent information with respect to sexual health, peer counseling, free pregnancy tests, pap smears, birth control, STI testing, free pelvic exams, and many others.

Getting enough signatures would help to ensure that the decision is overturned so that the Alternative Clinic can keep providing the students of Purchase College with the medical services they desire.

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